38 Revitalizing Extracts*

“Finally something that really works and doesn't involve taking pills!”*

- Virginia K

Hydroxinol is a nutrient-enhanced hydration mix that offers the benefits of 55 nutrients to support your well-being*


      38 Revitalizing Extracts*

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      “Finally something that really works and doesn't involve taking pills!”*

      - Virginia K

      Hydroxinol is a nutrient-enhanced hydration mix that offers the benefits of 55 nutrients to support your well-being*

          • Delivers Rich Nutrients to Every Cell*
          • Enhances Energy Levels*
          • Supports Cardiovascular Health*
          • Promotes Healthy Cognitive Function*
          • Supports Digestive Health*
          Stay Hydrated with Hydroxinol*
          Flood your body with life-sustaining micronutrients clinically shown to slow cellular aging and increase energy. This revolutionary formula contains 55 powerful supernutrients to help reverse cellular damage fast to promote healthy longevity*.

          Hydroxinol “smart drink” mix helps eliminate cellular waste, keeping cells clean and hydrated. Your heart, kidneys, bowels, brain, bones, joints, muscles and overall well-being can all experience a revival. Plus, a whopping 38 fruits, vegetables and herbs alone help lower your body’s inflammatory response by 34% and maintain lower homocysteine levels for cardiovascular health.*
          Scientific research highlights the power of hydration to boost the health of your entire body!*
          Rebecca B, VA
          Verified Customer
          I have been taking this formula for a while and I really do like the product. It makes me feel good. I can do all my activities at the gym and running – I’m a big runner! Thank you for sending it to me!*
          Virginia K, CA
          Verified Customer
          Finally something that really works and doesn't involve taking pills! I never have been a water drinker- Now I am with Hydroxinol and it has prevented my dizziness.*
          Lourdes P, CA
          Verified Customer
          I had poor circulation in my legs and feet and they were very painful; my legs were tired all the time after any little activities, I had to lie down; soon I started using your product, the pain in my legs and feet, poor circulation, all disappeared. I feel great! You should notice that my second order is for a whole year. In addition, my cholesterol is at its lowest number since 3 years ago.

          This is a product that I can represent, because I know for sure what it does.I would like to be a distributor or representative for this product. Although I have never sold anything, I think I can convince people to try this product based on my personal experience. Thanks a million to you for the product you've created.*
          Featured Ingredients
          Hydroxinol is a great tasting drink mix without the high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors! In fact, it is non-GMO. No genetically modified organisms in this natural lemon-flavored hydration formula containing:*
          Bionov French Melon (Extramel©)
          Discovered 10 years ago when researchers noticed that it remained fresh three times longer than other varieties, due to its high levels of a compound called SOD (superoxide dismutase), sometimes referred to as the “youth molecule”.*
          Green Tea (SynerTea®)
          in the antioxidant polyphenol, EGCG, this patented green tea helps hydrate you like you wouldn't believe. Green tea also supports a healthy metabolism and overall wellness.*
          Broccoli Sprouts
          Rich in sulforaphane, a potent antioxidant shown to activate detoxifying enzymes.*
          Green Coffee
          Made from unroasted coffee beans and shown to support weight control and cardiovascular health.*
          This rare fruit is rich in vitamin C, as well as the B vitamins, carotenoids and bioflavonoids.*
          Camu Camu
          This Amazonian superfruit, is very high in vitamin C, which provides powerful immune support.*
          Contains high levels of unique polyphenol antioxidants, which make it popular for anti-aging.*
          This powerfully medicinal berry has a long history of use as an immune booster and respiratory tonic.*
          Long revered for its immune health benefits, garlic also contains compounds shown to support healthy cholesterol.*
          This yellow spice promotes a healthy
          inflammatory response and supports a healthy brain.Black CurrantRich in anthocyanins, black currant supports a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body.*
          Shown to help support cognitive health and boost the ability of the body to fight free radicals.*
          Helps to prevent damage to cell membranes and other structures in the body by neutralizing free radicals.*
          This deep blue berry has been shown to support optimal vision and cardiovascular health.*

          Meet Dr. Allen H. Green

          Allen Green, M.D. has over 20 years of experience in integrative healthcare settings. He is passionate and dedicated to advancing integrative medicine through education for healthcare professionals as well as the general public.

          He is a Board Certified Family Physician and is currently in private practice at the Center for Optimum Health in Los Angeles, CA where he specializes in combining conventional medicine with natural, nutritional and herbal therapies.

          Dr. Green joined the North American team in 2017 where he collaborates with R&D to enhance and optimize health, as safely, naturally, and non-toxically as possible.
          90 Days RISK FREE
          With over fifty thousand satisfied customers who managed to live a vibrant and healthier life thanks to North American Nutra we are so confident that you will be thrilled with your product that we want to offer you a 90 DAY RISK FREE GUARANTEE.

          If after trying Hydroxinol you are not completely satisfied with how it made you feel, call our customer care team and we will refund your full purchase price (less shipping and handling).

          Simple as that, no questions asked.

          FAQs and Research for Hydroxinol

          Q. What are the benefits of Hydroxinol?+
          Hydroxinol “smart drink” mix is a revolutionary formula that contains 55 powerful supernutrients to help reverse cellular damage fast to promote healthy longevity *. Hydroxinol may help with the following:
          • Support overall well-being *
          • Support the body’s natural antioxidant system *
          • Help cope with everyday stress *
          • Support cognitive health *
          • Help promote restful sleep *
          • Help remove impurities from the body *
          • Help defend cells against harmful free-radicals *
          Q. How do I take Hydroxinol and in what dosage?+
          Mix 1 scoop of Hydroxinol into water or your favorite beverage daily or as needed. Each jar of Hydroxinol contains a 30-day supply. Hydroxinol is available in 2 refreshing flavors – Lemon or Strawberry Lemonade! *
          Q. Can I take Hydroxinol with my medications? +
          Hydroxinol is a natural hydration drink mix with 55 nutrients meant to enhance water. You should always consult your doctor if you have any questions about illnesses, medication or your health in general, or the way a dietary supplement might interact with medications you are taking. *
          Q. Is Hydroxinol vegetarian friendly? +
          Yes, Hydroxinol is suitable for vegetarians! Hydroxinol is non-GMO, contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Hydroxinol is sweetened with Stevia. *
          Q. Is Hydroxinol Guaranteed?+
          Absolutely! We are so certain that you’ll love Flex FX, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, just contact our customer care team before sending your return to obtain a return merchandise authorization number (RMA).

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